Mental Disorder

I’ve consumed an insane amount of pop culture over the years. True, I don’t have cable or even an antenna. Hell, for the longest time, I only had sparse internet. But I’ve always been resourceful in finding what I want. A few years ago, I was as naive and ignorant as could be when it came to the Powers that Be that rule our world, and how each and every facet of our entertainment is carefully scripted to program us into being the dumbass simpletons that we have become. Dumbass simpletons who believe that we know everything, because in the process of being programmed down, we’ve been jacked up into believing that our modernity is a testament to our brilliance. But that changed once I began to look into the truth of things myself.

Oh, it took a long time. There are enough idiots out there putting on tinfoil hats as fashion accessories to keep a nut like me occupied with insane nonsense for nigh on a decade. And I’ve found that the more ‘conspiracy theories’ come to the forefront on YouTube, the more a person has to weed out the clickbait weirdos hucking every bit of new disaster footage as the coming of the 12th Imam. There’ve been times over the years where my ‘recommended’ listing on my YouTube page has looked like a Who’s Who of asshat paranoids who should likely be institutionalized to a single room with nothing sharp. Places where they have no choice but to report to group therapy at least once a day so that some very patient counselor can help untangle the Reynold’s Wrap from their exhausted and burnt-out synapses.

Yes, it took a long time to weed it all out. And either I did just that, or I went bat guano myself, and at this point, anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

The thing about this journey is that it’s like the old saying: once you’ve seen it, you can’t un-see it. There it is, right there; every damned where. The medium is the virus. The entertainment is the disease. Our parents warned us (well, if you’re closing in on dirt, like me). They’re parents warned them. Tele-vision programming. Tele meaning ‘at a distance,’ vision being obvious, and as well programming being even more obvious. From the moment Ferdinand Braun invented the first CRT back in 1897, to our vulgar bulkhead-sized digital screens, we have been programmed through our eyes. And holy hell, has it worked. The virus has been spread to us through the medium of moving images. Like a cancer, it sidled up next to us and said, “Hey, pal! I’m not here to hurt you. I’m your pal, your buddy. You’ve been busting your ass all day for that jackhole of a boss, and you don’t want to have to come home to screaming kids and more hell. No worries! Sit all your fatasses down once you get home, and let me do the thinking for you.”

And so, that’s what we did. Because humanity, given the option of the easy way or the hard way is going to always pick the real easy way.

The thing of it all is, if you ever decide to do what I did and research the blatant occult nature of how entertainment in the 20th Century and beyond works, you’re going to be disabused of the notion that you’re allowed to think for yourself. And it’s all so meta that meta seems to be an understatement. ‘Oh, they’d never do that to us,’ one might say. But ‘they’ will, ‘they’ have, and ‘they’ aren’t going to stop anytime soon, and at that moment that you might take pause and consider that, perhaps, just perhaps, ‘they’ are some really evil sons of bitches, those evil sons of bitches slide in a bit of doubt, and you’re back to watching some Kardashian with a giant ass who likes her men like she likes her coffee (strong, black, and in a cup) like nothing happened, wondering why every little jot and tittle of your day drove you nuts and by God, surely the doctor can slap something on a prescription pad to help out.

And don’t misunderstand me when I say ‘occult.’ It’s not a boogeyman standing behind your TV or computer monitor whispering ‘hail Satan’ (although such a thing wouldn’t surprise me a bit). Occult simply means hidden. And this is generally where me and the tinfoil brigade part ways: the Powers that Be hide. It’s how it all works. Like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, the people behind the curtain don’t want to be known and, rest assured, the moment a person thinks that they know who the Wizard is (Bilderberg, the Illuminati, Wacky Jews Ruling Hollywood),. the Wizard is GONE. A snake in the grass that shed its skin. Stare at it all you want, prod it, poke it, put it under a microscope; it won’t matter. Some clues will appear, but the real Wiz is long gone.

But the lovely majesty of God’s Universal Laws is that Evil has no choice but to declare itself despite itself. While it may be somewhat traumatic to realize that every move, every gesture, every moment of every form of entertainment is carefully orchestrated to take away your ability to think, and it may be somewhat annoying to never be able to watch a movie, news report, or your favorite TV show without seeing the agendas hidden in such plain site as to actually be bitch-slapping you right in the tender spot on your face, you’ll begin to see in time that the virus (at least the worst effects of it) can be remedied, or at least controlled. The need to rage and post dumb crap on Facebook and Twitter begins to subside. The panic and paranoia of the day begins to become what it is: noise. And noise can be dealt with when its vacuous nature is discovered.

Returning to my opening paragraph, when I watch movies these days (and I watch a lot of them), I can see the hidden in plain sight. Each frame, each bit of dialog. I see it for what it truly is: a virus that is attempting to rewrite what is healthy, turning it into a sickness. The mediums of our day are the virus, singular. That’s what I mean when I say that it’s all so meta that meta seems an insufficient word. There is no disconnect. Cthulhu is our entertainment, his slimy, invasive tentacles prodding and poking at us from every damned angle.

Everything we see and hear is a lie within truths couched in lies siphoned from truth spun into sophistry. The goal is the disorder of our mental faculties. There is no escape from our Machine City.

But there is inoculation. Just take a closer look. See. It’s all right there, hiding in plain sight.



3 thoughts on “Mental Disorder

      1. I’m not at all politically minded so I don’t know the political sciences, but I know consciences! Duplicitous alignments with all the conning but basically same shit just different smell 🙂 gotta trust trust trust the system! (Of the self shhh) lol


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