No One is Equal

Those addicted to the notion of egalitarianism have made a grievous error: they have far overshot their mark, and having done so, they have forced their hand on all of us, and it is no secret that this forced hand has pushed decent people into a corner, to the point that there is no more room for the horseshit being fed to us all. Most of us are sick to the stomach of all the bullshit.

There are Nazis and white nationalists. White supremacists and far-right fringe people. There are communists and fascists, brownshirts and Islamists. There are all manner of ideologies that pervert every single facet of humanity. They have been here for ages, but the virus of social media and the twenty four hour news cycle have given all of these pitiable fools the airplay that they never deserved to have. As such, perspective and context have been lost. The only thing left is outrage.

And people buy outrage as though it were prime-cut steak on sale for a tenth of the normal price. Our digital news media has exploited this to the degree that they are traitors to their own nation. Say what you want about the Great Orange One in the White House, he is not wrong when he says that our news media is the enemy of the people. Whine on and on about ‘free speech’ and all of those things if it makes one feel better. It makes no difference. Our news media seeks to divide us, to cull us like cattle and sheep into different groups, tribes that focus on self-interest and have little in the way of compassion for other tribes that do not feel and speak exactly the same.

You see, Hubris begets Nemesis every time. The Greeks knew this. Early Christians knew this, and they called it Pride. Call it what you like, but the Devil is always in those details, and he seeks nothing less than to divide and conquer, for he has no other weapon in his arsenal with which to separate us from God. Evil cannot create, it can only bastardize what is good and true, flipping those things and turning them into diseases and mental disorders.

According to Biblical record, Satan desired to be equal to God, not so much to be above Him. A point missed so often. His desire was not based upon bettering himself in the long run by following the natural Laws that God had put into place. The desire he felt was one of envy: he sought to be equal to the Most High, something that he could never attain through such selfish and egotistical ways. Upon being cast down and coming to the very hard realization that he would never be equal to the Most High, his tactics changed: his goal then became one of tearing down God’s new and beloved creation, mankind. Knowing that we, just as the angels, were subject to Hubris and Pride, he made it his lifelong goal to corrupt and infect man with the same envy and Hubris that he felt.

It is difficult to deny his successes.

These things have been around since time immemorial, but as we reach the end of this epoch, it is apparent that the proliferation of data and information without proper context and study thanks to our digital age have resulted in a culture of entitlement, thanklessness, and weakness. Those who believe themselves to be ‘intelligent free thinkers’ are legion, while in reality, most do little more than absorb the talking points of the day, put their phones down, and feel good about themselves for buying into the narrative. We know everything and understand nothing. The true nature of humanity is lost to us, like Dead Sea Scrolls. We ask foolhardy questions about our own nature, despite that deep in our core we know the answers already. We wonder if there are ways to end things like ‘racism,’ when we know the truth of the matter. We talk about things like ‘gender’ equality while ignoring that very data that we worship which gives us insight into why men and women are different, and how these differences affect every aspect of our lives.

We pretend that culture, ethnicity, and race play no factor in our differences while simultaneously worshiping those very differences. Having little more than speculation and feelings, we lecture one another, demanding answers to questions that are idiotic in and of themselves. Despite that we all work together daily, and do our best to get along, we buy into the media narratives that we hate one another. And we do this because we love to ignore a basic truth of the human condition: NO ONE IS EQUAL. To believe otherwise is downright pathological.

To believe otherwise is downright pathological.

The notion of us all being equal is a feel-good delusion that has no basis in reality whatsoever. While we all may have been created equal in the sense that we all came into the world screaming once the doctor spanked our asses, once that moment has passed, there is no such thing as equality. There is hard work and merit. There are principles that separate cultures. There are those who simply surpass others because of natural talent. There are geographical variables. There are IQ variables. To believe that all of humanity could ever be equal is to believe that natural selection, if one believes in such, has no bearing at all. The notion of equality is not based in the modern religion of Science at all.

No one is equal. If we can swallow our pride and swallow this pill, then we can begin to make social change that has meaning, instead of the useless word salad nonsense that we are subjected to daily. The notion of universal, human equality possesses no empathy. It cannot differentiate reality from fiction. Like a soulless artificial intelligence, it disregards the true nature of humanity in favor of a homogenized, easily-controlled populous that does not think for itself, but rather chooses to follow the social narrative like sheep, lacking even the most basic of mental skills to think for itself.

No one is equal. I am rather thankful for that.

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