A Very Old Con

Beware the ally with much to gain by quickly coming to your aid.

The prominent conservative is likely a radio mogul, podcast host, writer, or perhaps YouTube personality. Given that nearly every form of media and entertainment in America generally leans toward the issues of the day, which currently are social justice in nature, and thus the direction in which it leans is left, most prominent conservatives express unwelcome viewpoints. Most prominent conservative personalities are speaking to those who feel like-minded, and in their own way marginalized. Those who feel themselves marginalized on the other side of the spectrum have nothing to fear from the prominent conservative. His stance is clear, and easy to recognize.

The prominent leftist, however, is another thing entirely.

The worship of the celebrity generally occurs towards the end of a once-powerful civilization. The West is in complete decline, so the fact that this age-old weakness has reappeared is not terribly surprising. Humans look to gods, and the limo-bound celebrity makes an easy false one to worship without many immediate consequences.

Like any false god, however, their powers are limited, as are there responses to any issue with the human condition overall. To us, their lives appear as the ultimate freedom. They are lavished with money and praise daily, what could be better? In reality, they are slaves; commodities to be sold, with or without their consent. Public opinion can destroy them in a few tweets. One word spoken awry can vanquish their careers, to the point of quite literally being erased from their own previous work.

Within the parameters of such a rigid and volatile status, it seems safe to say that few humans could do anything aside from doing everything possible to follow the rules laid out before them, as best they can. It seems like a nightmare prison. To be forced to deconstruct and reconstruct ones self based on the whims of momentary socio-political issues that are trending seems like a terribly miserable way to live. In this context, it’s much easier to understand the many melt-downs that occur in our entertainment media. Reality truly is stranger than fiction, and not everyone can handle the meeting of the two.

It seems to be only two personality types that manage to succeed in our vast entertainment media: those who have enough self-awareness and principles grounded deep enough to survive being disagreeable and those who give themselves over wholly to whatever the script requires. Much like the prominent conservative, those who feel marginalized have nothing to fear from the first type. If you ask their opinion perhaps they will tell you, but mostly, they want to work. The second type, however, is more dangerous than the scorpion. It’s a serpent, and it sheds its skin with each new social issue of the day.

What must go through the mind of the celebrity who is dedicated to the leftist social issues of the day? At their level of notoriety, any sensible part of left-leaning ideas are forgone into the realm of extreme political correctness, a gaping vortex of endless nano-aggressions,  insults, hate-speech and miseries. That black hole is never on a full stomach.

At any moment a misspoken word could bring the entirety of the Social Media mob atop them, at which point the horrifying decision has to be made as whether or not to withstand the onslaught or begin deleting old tweets. They will appear on Daily Mail first, and if the story sells, other news outlets will pick them up. The whole thing was just a joke, but in the bottomless pit of modern politically-correct aggressions, a Cardinal Sin was formed and escaped. Tried in the court of public opinion, most of them know the outcome already, the mob rules the day, and there is no place for double-plus-ungood hate speech. Jobs will vanish and status will be destroyed.

Would you truly trust an ally with such forced neuroses and limitations who suddenly rushed to your aid without your very consent?

Take no celebrity ally, no matter socio-political leaning, without always asking one question: “Who benefits?” Ask that enough times and the answer always appears. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially our own. When it tells us to beware the scorpion, it isn’t lying.

Beware the ally with much to gain by quickly coming to your aid.

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