This is a Culture Built by Morons for Morons

The asylum no longer looks like the above image. The asylum looks like our homes, our malls, our fast food and sit-down restaurants, our phones, tablets, computers, Alexa, Google Assistant, and all of the ‘conveniences’ that we hold so precious and dear, despite that they’re all driving us insane.

There is an old phrase: ‘useful idiot.’ We are inundated with them. They beset us on all sides. They are our talking heads on TV, on social media, they are our corporate bosses. Most likely, many of them are our ‘friends’ on social media and as well in real life.

These useful idiots say things like, “LOL!” “It’s always been bad,” or “we’ve never had it so good,” and a litany of pat phrases, snark and pablum. Meaningless, useless ‘positive’ thinking that masks the heart of the world that we live in, and the culture that we are forced to be a part of whether we like it or not. Like children being led to their own demise with candy, our culture is made up mostly of people who not only haven’t the slightest idea as to the damage that has been done to humanity by this moronic culture but, worse, choose to be oblivious to the entire charade of lies. They have their candy and deep down, in their heart of hearts, they know where we are heading. And thus they want everyone to go with them into the pits of Hell.

In America, we go to make-work jobs where meetings and gibberish qualify as meaningful to both middle and upper management. These idiots cannot grasp the concept of ‘buyer’s remorse.’ Forget the fact that most everything that we are told is useful is anything but, forget that our make-work culture costs so much money to prop up, and that most of the time our days amount to nothing more than punching clocks and pretending that we did something, when in reality the only thing we did was provide fodder for the mental masturbation of this pointless make-work culture. The useful idiots care not. Their only desire is to go home each day convinced that the nine o’clock meeting that went nowhere at all was a force for good. They’ll by a Ford Fiesta with a blown headgasket and in a meeting or two, walk out convinced they purchased a Bugatti. It would be beyond hilarious were it not for the fact that it is a daily, never-ending nightmare.

So we buy things. We go home at night and watch TV. We get on Amazon and click buttons that allow us to get things we really don’t need for a discounted price if we’re willing to sign up for a 90 day trial. The shows we watch taunt us, train us, tempt us, and despise us all, and we cluck cluck away, knowing that we’re being played but the dopamine rush is somehow sufficient to keep us docile and calm. Alpha states with no resolution. It’s a world where what we want is all we want until it’s ours, whereupon the things we bought then have no meaning at all, and we’re onto the next recommended item when we go back to Amazon.

We pay attention to rabid feminists, identity politic insanity, and listen to people who long ago disqualified themselves from logically being able to publicly voice opinions on issues that matter. We celebrate and promote insanity. We think we’re being kind, compassionate, and inclusive. In reality, we’re giving the pulpit to the insane every day, and each week more and more lunatics reach out and grab that pulpit, and preach to us the words of the mad, and we sit there and listen as though prophets speak. We have allowed these morons to dictate our own beliefs. Envy and Hubris taint their every thought and word; they are mad as hatters with their perceived slights, offenses, and micro-aggressions. Instead of being honest and true to ourselves and them, we instead manifest misplaced guilt and shame, act on those misplaced feelings, and then virtue-signal like good little animals in Pavlovian experiments, berating ourselves, our own culture, and our own beliefs, with the foolish and flat-out stupid notion that we owe the insane something other than harsh truth and perhaps psychological treatment for their mental defects.

When the truth sometimes tries its best to smack us in the face, we ignore it. We have no True God in America. We have idols. False gods and false religions abound. When they fall down, we prop them up. When they fail, we make excuses for them. When the machinations of the world that presented these false gods to us step in and demand that we fall in line with the insanity inscribed on these false idols and religions, we go along, pretending that we do something that is meaningful.

We don’t have the guts anymore to let our conveniences and comforts crumble around us in order to be true to ourselves. Because in order to be true to ourselves, we must have a firm system of beliefs that we have built through years of sifting through lies and truths until we arrive at something tangible. We are weak, lost. But by God, we’re comfortable and affluent, so who the hell cares? Keep quiet and let Amazon, social media, TV shows, news media, politicians, charlatans and the flat-out demonic and insane rule over us because so long as we do, we are given our daily carrots on sticks. We get to keep our make-work jobs. We get to keep spouting bullshit on our social media accounts. We get to keep pretending that the culture that we live in is the best humanity has ever experienced.

Meanwhile our souls die, our lives waste away, and our ability to think for ourselves is overridden more by the day. We are cowards.

Daily more Americans succumb to this moronic culture built around us, as though the entirety of our nation is willing to commit mass suicide with our own souls.

So long as we’re comfortable and Alexa still answers our inane questions, Amazon still offers one-day shipping, and the latest episode of our favorite TV show still comes on at the allotted time.


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