It’s the Staining Mark of a Beast of Some Kind, That’s for Certain

The Christian church, for as long as I’ve been alive and much earlier, has badgered the notion of the ‘mark of the beast’ to the point that reading the phrase makes the mind want to shut this down. Close the tab and go back to Facebook. The fear of the unknown sparks panic, and nothing induces panic like previously-unknown technology beginning to come to the forefront of culture after WWII. So there was speculation and panic. Everything from credit card numbers to bar codes were postulated to be the proverbial mark of the beast. It all made its own odd sense, but the human mind can recognize panic and speculation, and will make a decision as to when to ignore it and move on.

Though it’s never gone away, the ‘mark of the beast’ has a rather tainted reputation concerning authenticity.

Nice fonts at least.

What thoughts enter your mind when seeing that above graphic? I suspect I can relate to them.

Perhaps one day an actual beast will step from the ocean. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. In the meantime, however, more pragmatic thoughts are needed.


What is the ‘beast’ and what is said beast’s ‘mark?’ Of course, there a myriad theories and I ignore the vast majority of them. Mickey D’s version of Christianity, plaguing us for far too many years now, both oversimplifies and overspiritualizes them. The ideas from the Christian church are far too simplistic and yet over-analyzed. The ideas generally mean nothing to the public writ large. Breathless, conspiratorial hearsay and little more. Easy to ignore, easy to dismiss.

Look up the definition for beast and the English word returns a few variants. One of the most useful here is something not human. The Greek word used in the Bible (therion) has several definitions, some wolf-based, and some citing the word to mean a dangerous and venomous animal. A serpent fits this nicely. So we expound on this idea of a venomous animal.

A serpent generally lies in wait. It most often does not pop out of the weeds and declare itself. Growing up in the Deep South as I have, you learn to watch your step during certain times of the year in the woods, in a field of weeds, and so on. Unless it’s a rattler, nine of ten, it’s generally way too damn late by the time you know that the serpent is there and you just stepped on it. Never once have I encountered a snake (and I’ve encountered a helluva lot of them) when it required me to tattoo its name on my right hand or give it my credit card number. Whether the serpent is acting as a predator or in self-defense, the MO is the same: hide and wait until the best possible moment, then strike the blow.

When John the Revalator informed us that the number of the beast is the infamous 666, I believe it had less to do with ciphering out the name of the beast as it did determining the nature of the beast. The Bible cites the number 7 as being the number of the True God so many times that I’m not even going to try and list them here. In this sense, six is less than seven. The desire of Lucifer, and his ilk, is to be like unto God, but this desire has always and will always fail. The lesser gods will never attain the power and divinity they seek, for their aim is not pure. The Godhead rests in a state of pure perfection and harmony. The lesser gods, having rebelled, forfeited such a luxury, and thus spend their days twisting, spinning, and trying to change the entirety of the world in order to appear as powerful as the Godhead. Their desire burns within them like the fire of Hades—to be like the Most High. Yet they have missed the point entirely: they were already created as the image of the Most High, thus their desire is futile, and were they to simply obey the Laws of the Universe that the Most High put into motion, their very desire would thus be attained.


I look at our world today and I see a beast system already in place. Technology, entertainment, social media, instant gratification; all have led humanity again to a state of utter Hubris. Humanity possesses the same desire as the lesser gods, which is to be like the Most High, and thanks to the cleverness of humanity, we have created a world in which we want for nothing. We walk entitled through our madness as though we were ourselves gods.

Yet we are unfulfilled, bored, and self-destructive. We have no hope. We are not as the Most High, who is Love and Goodness, in the least.  We have lost touch entirely with the belief in the goodness of life itself.

Societies turn bad when they lose any sense of this goodness. Instead of expecting life to bring them positive things, people look toward it with a combination of paranoia and narcissism that has them seeing themselves as the likely victim.

This makes them want to preemptively strike against everyone and everything else. To them, it is no longer stealing or inaction when they take more than they need or avoid pitching in when necessary. They are merely protecting themselves against inevitable future victimhood.

In addition, they gain a sort of metaphysical solipsism that has them see themselves as the object of the acts of the universe. If it rains, it was designed to rain on them; if there is a shortage, life has injured them.

From this outlook a malevolent individualism is born which says, essentially, “I will do whatever I want, and should not be judged for this, because nothing good will come to me otherwise.” All individualism (hubris) goes this way, or at least, individualism does not arise without this latent attitude.

Individualism takes the opposite form of goodness. It says that the world is bad and the only good is found in the individual. In other words, we retreat into our individual selves because we perceive that our surroundings are hostile.

Western people originally had a sense of the goodness to life. We studied our world, did what was sensible, and received benefits; these corresponded to a notion of a metaphysical goodness, or life reaching toward improvement, so that the best always won.

Somehow, we lost this, and life became — like a bourgeois job, filing your taxes, or making small talk at a party you did not want to go to — an obligation. In the hands of human control, what was once liberating and beautiful became repetitive and odious.

Initially, it seems, Lucifer felt more than slighted because he was not at the level of the Most High. Thus Hubris took root, and he decided to take this matter into his own hands, which resulted in him being cast from the all the wonderful goodness that God had given him. Having been punished in this manner, one might think that such a lovingly created being might have learned his lesson. Instead, however, this Hubris festered, and resulted in the nachash working diligently since time immemorial to taint the entire human race, because the shining one knew how much God loved humanity.

This is much like our society today. Based mostly on envy and Hubris, our society seeks with something like a fever to destroy all that is good because this goodness rises above the base nature that humanity has been inflicted with to take the easiest route in life. When those who believe in the old ways (common sense, decency, morality, spiritual goodness, self-reflection, self-reliance, self-awareness) succeed and change the world, then society seeks to tear them down. Identity politics (the ultimate example of Hubris and envy) sort people into angry, sensitive groups that cannot abide the success of those who maintain principle and honor.

But this is only part of the problem.

Even those who do not subscribe to identity politics have succumbed in their own way to the beast system. While their core beliefs are good and decent, they still desire to have their ‘rights’. They desire the cake and believe they also have the right to eat it. The serpent has beguiled them as well. This unholy trinity (666) is far more aware and intelligent than the average human, and knows that simply fooling a few people is no goal. It has sought and succeeded in luring the vast majority of modern, first-world society into believing that humans deserve to have the things that they want simply because they walk upright and breathe. The same people who lament the corruption of our modernity willingly engage in the desires afforded them by this corrupt system, all the while believing that there is no cognitive dissonance in doing so. Mickey D’s Christianity (thanks, Brett, for that one) is a willing accomplice to the beast system. Gone is the reverence of spirituality and the understood holiness of the Most High and the Laws of the Universe. In the place of those things are material desires, entitlements, and shallow requests through ‘prayer’ to have more stuff. All the while, Mickey D’s Christianity trudges right along the path to doom.


What is the mark of the beast? While I am certain that there will be physical, technological marks that will determine who’s who in our future, the mark of the beast seems, in short, to be Hubris. Entitlement. Division. Envy.

It is a sad thing, when one realizes that humanity, just like the lesser gods, need only recognize and follow the Laws of the Universe that are in place in order to be like the God whose power they so desire. But abiding by laws requires self-awareness, discipline, and decency, and these are things that our beast system and its mark upon us have removed.

We have gained all we can possibly want, and lost everything that we need.



The Cancer of Modernity

I’ve established something of a baseline, I believe: in my previous posts I’ve pointed out very clearly that I see larger forces at work in the manipulation of humanity than merely humanity itself. Old gods, demonic forces, call them aliens if you want, it doesn’t matter. The point is that something more than just mankind itself seeks to utilize the various talents and genius programmed into humanity by God for nefarious and self-serving purposes. So I don’t want to be beating dead horses here.

At the end of the day, night, whatever you call it, the simple fact is that I hate to see humanity in a state of abject and utter control. I despise the notion of our ‘betters’ (by whatever means) utilizing the things that make us comfortable and the things that we enjoy as tools and weapons by which we are kept in a perpetual state of fear, anxiety, and outrage. I find this to be, without question as to the nature of such a thing, evil.

There is a vast swath of humanity in the first world that has no hope. They have no purpose. Where is the anguish here? So one makes an argument that there are darker and far more powerful forces at work to bring this state of misery onto our world, and when this happens, there’s generally a snarky response that such ideas are mere ‘conspiracy theory.’ And this is one thing that makes the darkness so powerful: it does have the wit and forethought to bring people into the forefront who really are nothing more than clickbait conspiracy theorists who have no real compassion or empathy for the state of the world in which we live and how to deal with it. They want Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame and the YouTube money it provides. I despise their feckless nonsense as much as I loath the entire system of control. It takes time to make the distinction between the one who is genuinely concerned about the state of humanity and the clickbait fraud. And time is something that modernity has robbed from us. It’s all right now, this instant, context and objectivity be damned, and the charlatans know this all too well. A fast buck will always be a fast buck.

And so humanity imprisons itself within the comfort of the moment by dismissing anything akin to conspiracy theory as just that, no matter the research or validity of the data presented. To allow ones self to feel the anguish of the hopelessness of the truth of our modernity is something akin to a knife to the very bone. Suicide is rampant. Divorce is the norm. We cannot face ourselves and the powers that be know this about us, and exploit it with every bit of power they have been granted by the evil that infects their hearts. We do not understand why we mask our hopelessness with notions of empty positivity. First worlds (especially America) lies to itself on social media, pretending that our lives are wonderful when, in fact, we know that it is all empty. But we know we must continue on, despite the emptiness of it all. Every word we hear in our world is a lie, yet we willingly choose to believe the lies because to do otherwise is to feel the pain of what we know in our hearts to be true: that daily we traverse onward toward nothingness.

And this is why I seek out the otherworldly causes of our current misery. This is why I can hold science, religion and mythology in equal measure. To discount the past is to allow the future to be determined by evil men and women who, whether we believe in these otherworldly causes or not, hold them in the highest esteem. For they, unlike us, have studied history, mythology, religion, and true science, and have learned how to manipulate mankind using methods that have existed since time immemorial. We dismiss the Old Ways to our own peril, again, not because modern humanity necessarily believes in them, but because our perfidious leaders subscribe without question. ‘They’ know their beliefs and our own fears far better than we ourselves know either.

We are in the thick of it all now. There are those who believe that they can escape the matrix of control that has been built around us, but they are wrong. There can only be realization of the truth of things: that no matter how Utopian, our reality is something from which we feel the need to take pretty frequent holidays. And that doesn’t mean that we can wall ourselves up inside tinfoil-covered shacks surrounded by chicken wire to break up the poison of 4 and 5G radiation. It means that anyone who wishes to continue to think for themselves needs to recognize the structure of complete control that we are subjected to—control that isn’t facilitated through ugly MK ULTRA sensory deprivation experiments, as that has already been completed, collated, and restructured into what we now believe to be all the comfort and convenience of modern technology—so that the programming of our misery cannot completely take hold.

We make the mistake, because it has been programmed into us, of thinking that evil is patently obvious. Like some possessed young girl whose head makes 360 turns and she vomits green goo. And while this might be one way in which evil presents itself, it is the least worrisome, because it is so obvious.

The real threat of evil is found within its tactical expertise: it presents itself to each of us based on our weakness, and never makes itself so obvious that it is, in fact, evil. The Angel of Light. It is most often useful in many ways. It is difficult to argue the useful nature of our modern technology and conveniences, and therein lies the ruse: modern technology can and often is beneficial, while at the same time, because of that utility, we allow it full access into our lives. Hence it is like cancer cells, sidling up to healthy cells whispering words of comfort and the promise that it seeks no harm, all the while the cancer fools the cells into allowing its poison in, and it takes the strength and beauty of creation and turns it against itself.

There is no vaccination for it, no chemotherapy. There is only the realization of the truth of things that can allow us to continue on as individuals, free of the cancerous herd. If we are willing to see that what we view as comfort and entertainment is the very means by which the cancer cells spread, we can manifest a modicum of immunity, and remain truly ourselves.

If we can see that the Angel of Light has done nothing more than to steal light from True Goodness, we can recognize the darkness in its heart. No chemo is needed, for we are not then fooled.

The Hivemind is an Infectious Disease

I’ve been writing online in some form since 2000. A whole lot of people on social media weren’t even born then. I roamed those stages of the internet with the dinosaurs. I don’t recall them having feathers, but then, I’m ancient and memory fades. For all I can remember, T-Rex might have looked like a peacock.

19 years later, I can remember when online news sources began to cite bloggers. I can still remember thinking to myself that taking such a path would not be a good idea. Not because there aren’t some brilliant people writing blog posts, but because even then I knew that news sources would pick and choose, collate, and use such independent sources completely out of context. And it wasn’t long afterward that I began to note that this is exactly what started to happen. Our news media has always been a propaganda tool, but as the internet began to truly assert itself, that same news media correctly saw a future in which it could pick, choose, edit, redact, and cite any independent source that it desired, without the need for worrying about copyrights or truth.

Fast forward a few years.

While MySpace never proved to be the hivemind desired, the advent of Facebook and Twitter began the slippery slope. Hell, it wasn’t just a slippery slope; it was a 45 degree slide coated in axle grease. It took some time for the new social media channels to ferment. The absolute hysteria of political correctness took a while to infect both outlets. In time, however, the mad tyranny of PC culture metastasized, and our news media was already exploiting the disease.

Present day, and one tweet can ruin your life. It doesn’t have to be a tweet from any time recent, either. One night years ago you might have been drunk, and found that you’d had enough of some kind of political talking point, and so you pounded out a very politically incorrect 120 characters. And now, those few characters result in your entire character assassination. You’ve no choice in the matter. The hivemind digs the hole, inserts the proverbial cross, and you find yourself nailed to it, despite context, despite your human flaws, despite that anyone who knows you in real life knows you to be a damned decent person with no real interest in harming anyone else. Even if you meant it at the time, and have grown as a human being since then, it doesn’t matter. Your arms will be stretched out and the social media hivemind is all too happy to pound in the nails.

And then people make the worst mistake: trying to furiously delete old tweets. Upon this the mob-like hivemind will pounce like a cat on a mouse. There is no escape at such a point. Walk up to the proverbial podium, and make one of two choices: 1) Apologize profusely in cowering form or 2) tell the hivemind to kiss the fattest part of your ass.

This has happened again and again. It will happen ad infinitum. Yet humanity isn’t learning. It just keeps walking into the trap, proclaiming itself, as though nothing has happened.

Does all this strike you as healthy human behavior?


My tinfoil hat posts are not far removed from this sort of post, because everything in our modernity is connected. We live in an echo chamber of madness. Moment to moment we are bombarded with the noise of nonsense that the Powers that be have put into place—with our help. At times people ask me, “How could anything be so coordinated? Humanity isn’t that smart!” Well, first off, it never was just humanity. But in terms of pure pragmatism, the Powers that be needed merely to fool us into believing that convenience was the only god we need serve. From that point on, we built our own prisons.

We helped to create the infection. Fooled into building a Hegelian Dialectic. After decades of studying humanity in the most heinous of ways (MK Ultra, just to name one), the Powers that be figured out how to manipulate us into creating for them problems that seemingly could not be solved by society (society that had already solved the damned problems in many ways, mind you), so that people clamored for ways in which our corrupt government could solve the problem. Only the solution, as the initial thesis, has resulted in the mental slavery of modernity. The internet insinuated the need for all of humanity to be connected. It wasn’t forced on us. It was sold as a convenience. At times, an imperative. But never completely forced. The idea was to convince us that our technology, as it began to slowly extend its tentacles worldwide, would give us freedom from so many ‘old world’ inconveniences.

I still remember the notions of the ‘paperless office.’ Does anyone today work in such a silly, utopian idea? Hell no. Paper still abounds in every office.

Humanity never needed such connection. It never needed the egalitarianism that the dialectic continued to tell us that we needed. What had been created was a fractured society in which the idea of community had been destroyed. People had already begun to live less than 50 feet apart without ever knowing one another. America had lost any semblance of truly caring for one another in most places. So the dialectic seemed to offer a solution: if we weren’t connecting on a physical level, then a virtual ‘community’ might be just as good. Only it wasn’t by any sort of longshot.

Sensory deprivation experiments somewhere around the middle of the 20th century had already shown that a human being robbed of his sense of the world around him would lose touch with his own reality. Isolated, the human would know longer even understand his own identity. So while we have glorified those horrible experiments and used them to scare the hell out of ourselves, the Powers that be had already used that data to help usher in a virtual world that could achieve the same outcome without all the surface ugliness. There was no need to inject actual drugs into us or tape our eyes and ears shut. It was merely a matter of fooling humanity into worshiping convenience and the so-called connection of the internet.

But the internet is not reality. It is a bastard form of reality. And that form in the last few decades has morphed into a digital infectious disease. The truly frightening thing is that where we stand as a society now is not the end game. Despite that people can no longer communicate on social media (or any other way) effectively, the worst has yet to be seen. People continue to rage on the internet that the division in our world comes from politicians. But such is not the case. The politicians are part of the result of the entire disease. They are in power because our so-called convenient and virtually-connected lifestyles have robbed us of our own identity, and so we have elected them based on a false need to exercise the ideas that we believe are our own. We crave individuality because we’ve helped the Powers that be rob us of said identity. We’re like ugly, third-generation, confused clones now: everyone is different just like everyone else. Yet most of humanity behaves like a hivemind: reactive, cruel, and impulsive. We need only be fed a mere talking point and we launch. Self-awareness and self-control are no longer important because, thanks to this infectious disease of our hivemind culture, we no longer have an identity tied to anything deeper than the unruly mob, whichever mob we identify with.

We are diseased. The cure is simple, but by no means easy: while we cannot reasonably completely disconnect from the virtual world in which we live, we can recognize that it is all an illusion, and thus begin to mentally disconnect, and take a step back from our outrage, one step at a time. Recovering from any infectious disease takes time, but it is not impossible.

Tinfoil Hats and Terminus

One of my best friends worries about me. I do not blame her. As she has noted, I am willing to ride a Crazy Train to terminus, seeming far more fringe than I seem to be in real life. She loves me. She is concerned. I love her for that concern.

But the truth is, I see what I see, and in order to maintain my own need to continue on in our world of lies and lies, and more lies, I look for the things that others do not, because to do otherwise is to fall into the trap of Modernity: one of useless compliance and resignation of what we submit ourselves to in order to maintain the illusion of comfort and peace. I see what I see, and I cannot but commentate on it in some form. I’ve tried to ignore it, tried to run from it, but it isn’t something within my ability.

I need to know, consequences be damned in a fiery Hell.

‘Eye of the Devil,’ 1966. Sharon Tate offers up a bird sacrifice, mirroring her own demise.

Our Modernity has been shoving the truth of itself down our throats for decades now, but only in the last few years has it all reached the point to where the inner hierarchy of evil has been revealed to the world at large. Long before Kubrick and Tom Cruise gave us the occult Eyes Wide Shut, Hollywood was required to tell us what was going on. And they did so, despite the fact that hardly anyone in 1966 could fathom such evil.

Well hell, who DOESN’T like naked chicks, right?

But this isn’t 1966. This is now, and no matter how fringe one views such things, the truth of it all is out there in the open, but most would rather keep their eyes wide shut. Understandable. Seeing the truth of the programming that we’ve been subjected to seems nigh on impossible to comprehend. How could such programming be so organized? Who are ‘they,’ and why would ‘they’ seek to use our own comfort food of entertainment to train us to walk right down the path to Lucifer’s front door?

Good ol’ one eye. Greetings Sagittarius!

Forget the why. Assume the fact. Because now, it is so out in the open as to become what we might call ‘trolling’ today. The Primary Evil that rules this world is now, more or less, daring us to ignore it while also daring us to talk about it because to talk about it moves us into the realm of ‘conspiracy theorist,’ and gosh darn, who wants to be labeled such a thing?


At this point, the Druidic nature of the very name, ‘Hollywood’ is old hat. Druid priests made wands from the wood of the Holly tree. Hollywood, Los Angeles has been casting a spell on America and the world since day one. One can lament a ‘golden age’ of Hollywood until the cows come home; the truth is that since its inception, the town responsible for the film industry had one goal in mind: to enchant America, and then the world at large, with a spell that would change the very culture at its roots. Social engineering is not new in any sense. But with the advent of more complicated and accessible technology, Hollywood’s spell has been given the opportunity to be cast far and wide, and no one can seem to escape its spell.

Ain’t she pretty? But Sharon’s pendant pulls no punches. It is the All Seeing Eye.

At this point, I see little difference between the Druidic spell that Hollywood has cast on the world and the current surveillance state in which we live. Since time immemorial, there have been Powers that be who have sought to control the masses. This really isn’t conspiratorial but truth. A populous that cannot be controlled is a populous that rises up against Evil, and this cannot be allowed. Since WWII, in our modernity, the push to control the masses has been resolute. One can cite occult forces, government forces, and monetary forces. And the last is often the most important: mankind craves power, and power comes from money in our physical world.

So no matter how conspiratorial it all seems, it isn’t all that complicated: the love of money is still the root of all evil. And Hollywood ensures that we pay a high price in order to be comforted by our entertainment, and in the last several decades, it has achieved its agenda in this regard. We pay exorbitant amounts of money to be programmed. We pay to have spells cast on us by Hollywood.

As I have noted before, darkness does not show up as an unlikable beast.

It shows up as someone or something that is easy as hell to like. It’s a bit difficult not to like Sam Jackson’s no bullshit demeanor. But Sam is a pawn.

Blind in one eye and can’t see out the other.

The above image of him dares us to see what is being shown to us: that he, like so many others in the land of holly wood, is part of a larger arc that seeks to cast a spell on humanity. A spell that leads us into the very surveillance state that we now must come to terms with. Whether one believes in the Bible or not, there is a ‘beast’ system that is being built which seeks to enslave humanity. For the last hundred or more years, the spell has been cast upon us to accept that system through the machinations of Hollywood and, now, there is no more need to hide it all. Hell, it’s even being shown to us in comic book movies:

From ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier.’ The number 42 has no small significance

For all you Biblical folks, the number 42 is associated directly with the ‘AntiChrist.’ In more practical terms, this beast system that is being built around us seeks control of us. That is the key to all of this: control. The notion of flying ships taking out those that the Powers that be desire to be taken out is mere fiction. What is not fiction, however, is the coming 5G network, with antenna arrays that mimic the gunships in Winter Soldier. To think that the surveillance state would be so obvious as to wipe people out with bullets is silly, though that might come later. The fact is that thanks to Hollywood and our entertainment training us, we have become conditioned to believe that the convenience of our modernity is something to celebrate while, in reality, the very convenience of it all has enslaved us.

The all seeing eye is not blind. We, however, are often unable to see the serpent that rattles in front of us.

That damn stupid snake eating itself

It is all a cycle, one that has forever sought to enslave humanity. The old gods have never changed their motive, and why should they? The history of humanity is like a circular timeline rolling across the linear progression of time. As the SyFy remake of Battlestar Galatica noted more than once, “All of this has happened before, and all will happen again.” The God of the Universe has been patient, merciful, and kind, while we have fallen victim, time and again, to the wiles of Primary Evil, always ready to offer up our very souls despite the fact the said Primary Evil has been given no choice but to outright declare to us that it seeks that very soul.

We have been, and continue to be, fooled by forces that seek nothing more complicated that to control us, and yet we never seem to learn. As I continue to say, it’s all so ‘meta’ that ‘meta’ seems weak. Everything we see is a lie, a lie that wants nothing more than to control us. The recognition of said control is what can separate us from the masses. One need not board that Crazy Train to see the truth. To avoid Terminus, we simply develop eyes to see and ears to hear. The consequences of Truth give us the choice to accept or reject the spells being cast upon us. The end of the road, Terminus, is our choice.

The Devil We Don’t Know

I wonder. I truly wonder at it all. How it is that we think that the Devil is some red fellow that shows up in a horror movie, obvious and ridiculous when, in reality, such an old god is far more devious and calculating than to show up as such.

We don’t know the Devil. Not by any means.


The rabbit hole is so deep that it is an abyss. No matter how much I try and uncover it all, I find myself more perplexed by the sheer scope of the goings on in our world. The old gods are reasserting themselves. Rape culture? Welcome to the real beginning of it in the West. It’s going to be far, far uglier than most people can imagine.

The outrage over a little boy called ‘Queen Lactacia’ posing with a full grown, naked man-thing is understandable, but mistaken. As horrible as it is what this young boy is being put through, it’s what’s behind it all (no disgusting pun intended) that should be the concern. The only thing I hope is that, at some point, the boy’s parents take Christ’s advice and tie a millstone around their necks and jump in a goddamned river.

Jump in, you godless freaks.

Our modernity is a society based on lies. It is a world of technological advancements that brazenly distracts us from the real truth of things: there is nothing new under the sun. Modern culture, especially American culture, has been programmed to believe that our modernity is a humanitarian effort to right the wrongs of evolution, of God, of the past. The average American believes that we are a ‘forward thinking’ world that has moved beyond the cruelty of past epochs, and that we are rewriting history in order to make it more inclusive, more tolerant, and kinder.

Horse shit.

Our modernity is ushering in a new old world order. One that will make the things that we see as heinous look tame in comparison. Above is a little boy who is called Desmond. ‘Desmond is Amazing’ is the little boy’s nom de plume. Many have expressed outrage at the blatant use of this child as a prop to further the agenda of our modernity, and that, again, is understandable. But these little drag queens being exploited are merely distractions; fodder in order to gin up the very outrage that is burning all through the internet. For every reasonable person who allows the outrage to move them to post about them on Facebook, Twitter, et al, the desire of the old gods becomes ever-more a reality. For our modernity has divided us into so many segmented groups that it is hardly even possible to name them all, and so the brazenly wanton become even moreso with every bit of pushback that comes from sane people.

It’s all so meta that ‘meta’ seems hardly appropriate. Every jot and tittle of our world is connected to something larger, and darker, than anything that humanity has experienced since time immemorial.

The old gods make modern culture look like Sesame Street.

The priests of the Attis-Cybele cult were eunuchs, and were called Galloi. The archigallos was called Atys. Instead of the annual castration the priests merely scratched their arms until they bled. (Arm as substitute for phallus; twisting out the arms.) There is a similar instinct-sacrificing symbolism in the Mithraic religion, where the essential portions of the mystery consisted in the catching and subduing of the bull

While people in our modern culture are obsessed with diversity, gender equality, privilege, economic equality, and all manner of things that are utterly impossible to rectify, the old gods smile. More and more children go missing by the day. Check your own damned Facebook feed and you’ll likely begin to notice it now that I’ve put the bug into your mind. Where are they going? Only the most informed know, and they know better than to say a word. While razor companies gin up ad revenue by being preachy, the over-arching message is ignored.

Why such a blatant image? Why put this little innocent boy into an ad that decries ‘toxic’ masculinity? Is something deeper going on? Something far older?

Zeus abducts the young man Ganymede to be his lover

Greek mythology often portrays Ganymedes as the God of Homosexuality. It is fascinating that sex between men was not only seen throughout Ancient Greece, but was also revered. Men often lusted after other men, and as can be seen in the myth of Ganymedes and Zeus, the Gods themselves could not resist the allures of the youthful man. The culture does not dismiss homosexuality as an aberrant behavior but rather deifies it. The Greeks appreciated beauty in a very natural, stripped down form, to them beauty was not gendered, nor as we will soon discuss, was it confined by age. This is an important point of notice for queer culture because there was a time where rather than being sin, which is the dogma many religions currently preach, men having sex with men was to the Greeks a behavior of the Gods. [1]

I ask myself as I watch pederasty slowly being brought into the mainstream, “Why is this happening? And how, if in any way, does it connect with the barrage of anti-masculine propaganda, when in previous cultures, the notion of intercourse between men was not seen as anti-masculine at all? And how does the sexualizing of young boys figure into everything else going on today?”

A still from ‘Call Me by Your Name’

The answer I return to is that the old gods, as I said, are smiling. They don’t want aged flesh. They want the youth. Do you understand that I’m not talking about the homosexual ‘community’ here, nor the conservative community, nor merely left or right or center? This is not an attack on any one group at all, save for the Powers that be. All of us are being played like cheap fiddles. There is no escape without realization.

The older gods are very old. Amun was one of the chief among them. He took many names and forms but never ceased to love blood, destruction, and young flesh (especially male). He became Zeus-Ammon and then Jupiter-Ammon, but his agenda never changed. Blood lust and young boy lust.

Thus I wonder if this push for the demonizing of masculinity has roots in the fact that mankind did eventually wise up in terms of no longer allowing the public to think that our elites and betters (who, whether you believe in any of this depressing shit or not believe in it with all of their dark hearts) were diddling children, and thus a new tactic was called for in order to get things back to the way they used to be in times past. You see, the old gods (demons and fallen angels in my Book) have rules to abide by that God has ordained, and they don’t have any choice in the matter. They have no omnipotence and must rely on humanity to provide them with the food for their lusts. And no way was ‘enlightened’ humanity just going to up and offer their young children to these sick fucking so-called deities.

Being far older and far more experienced than any enlightened human, these deities knew how to entice the Powers that be into reshaping our culture, including offering them the same perks that such a reshaping will produce. Young flesh. But in order to bring it all back, a social reegineering had to take place so that the notion of masculinity could be redefined in a way that took away the stigma of pederasty. Even so, why?

Young flesh is the most desired. Young blood is the most potent. The innocence is the drug. The sickness of it is terribly obvious. There was a reason that the God of the old testament was so harsh. He wanted an end to all of the sickness that the fallen angels and demons (old gods) had instigated. But as our culture has rejected Him even in the symbolic sense, it has allowed those who seek out such perversion to bring back the ancient ways. To ignore the truth of how sodomizing young flesh was something that conjured power by and from the old gods is to ignore the truth of mythology and ancient history, which is all being brought back to the forefront and being excused.

But it doesn’t begin or end merely at young boys.

The feminist ilk believe that what they are seeing is the transfer of power from male to female. Yet they know nothing of mythology. They do not even know that what is taking place is a false ascension. While so many modern feminists play at witchcraft, believing that light and dark magic will allow them to prevail over the supposed curse of ‘toxic’ men, the old gods merely wait and calculate, because there is no goddess without a god. And these old gods frankly don’t care who they fuck, so long as the flesh is, once again, young. The modern wacky feminist is being played by those Powers that be that she thinks are in her corner. She hears so many men of power who seem to be capitulating to her needs, and she believes that her liberation is nigh-on imminent. She doesn’t know that these men (and women) of power diddle whatever happens to be placed before them. She thinks its her feminine divinity that is desired. She thinks that such powers will have respect for her femininity.

It’s too bad that she doesn’t understand the old gods.

Genesis 6 King James Version (KJV)

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

You’ll note my emphasis. These old gods weren’t interested then, and they aren’t interested now, in the feelings of women. They were interested in what they wanted. These gods are the ones that so many in our world continue to invite into our realm. There will come a time when many a casual pagan will pine for the past influence of Christianity, and how it hindered these old gods. Because when our world meets these old gods in our new world order, pain will be the dish du jour.

The evil deities that move the Powers that be in our world have no interest in any kind of equality, save for the kind where every bit of flesh is subject to their every whim.

They want flesh. Young. Female or male. They desire to corrupt us in any way possible. Modernity conjures them not on our behest, but theirs. And we’d best hope that God shows up to put a stop to it, before, once again, all flesh becomes so corrupt that it can scarcely be recognized.

Matthew 24:37-39 King James Version (KJV)

37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Let’s hope the Son of Man shows up before the Devil we don’t know appears.

Social Reengineering

Silly, preachy razor ads. Ridiculous TV show tropes. Unrealistic movie tropes. Nonsense in the news media. All there.

‘Toxic masculinity.’ The trope du jour. ‘Man up.’ The boilerplate, snarky response to being bothered by said trope.

In the end, what we have here is a failure to communicate. This is the entire point. 

When it comes to the silly razor ad, I draw my basic response to it from The Big Lebowski: You’re not wrong. You’re just an asshole. A man will impart truth to other men, mostly by example. He needn’t be preachy (there are preachers for that), and he needn’t be sensitive (there are enough overly-sensitive people these days) when worrying about the feelings of another man. A good example is what’s needed. Were it not for the fact that said razor company knows that the best way to get free advertising is by inducing outrage in a preachy, troll-like manner, one could glean such things from said silly ad. But such is not the case. Instead what is offered is a lecture, and I can’t think of anyone, save the proverbial ‘teacher’s pet’ who enjoys a lecture. And, again, that’s the entire point.

Everyone has dealt with the self-assured narcissist that is so infected by the Dunning-Kruger effect as to think that every word they speak is Gospel. This sort of person cannot fathom that anyone could take offense to their soliloquies because, after all, they are the penultimate example of being correct in their minds. So they needle. They nag. They use sophistry to enrage. And most often it works. Until they encounter someone with the sheer chutzpah to understand that they are full of shit. No sense arguing. Best to simply ignore and carry on. The game begins anew at that point.


Right, left, centrist, anarchist: the entirety of human culture (most especially American culture, as our influence is world-wide and viral) is being socially reengineered to behave according to the rules of the Powers that be. Powers that are evil. Their agenda is not the betterment of mankind but, rather, the enslavement. This is not news. It’s as old as humanity itself, however in our brave new world of technology, the proliferation of the agenda is beyond exponential. Humanity has always been reactive, easily influenced, and as a herd, stupid. That hasn’t changed in the least. What has changed in our modernity began with the 24 hour news cycle, through which could be communicated to us our worst cold war fears and beyond. With the internet, social media, and the combining of all media forces, fear has become the method with which to manipulate the masses in ways that are too potent to deny. Fear leads to a feeling of powerlessness, and that lack of power leads to individual and collective outrage. We’re cornered animals.

Within the heart of the still sane is the reality that how we’re living is completely wrong. How we live is not how humans were meant to live. And this, as a side effect, adds kerosene to the outrage bonfire. For decades now our gut (our ‘heart of hearts’) has known that this consumerist, convenience-worshiping culture would doom us, and yet we all sat back and basked in the supposed glory of it. Look at us! The pinnacle of humanity! We have done things that we believe no one ever achieved before! We relished in our hubris like a drug. But as it always does, that hubris beget Nemesis, and what we believed to be convenient was, all along, a slave master. We are so consumed by our conveniences that we do not notice the true nature of our world. We never notice that our behavior is being engineered by power-mad narcissists who know how to press all of our buttons because they, unlike us, have taken the time to understand human psychology.

And so we are all angry at something at any given point of any day, because that’s the goal. This ‘something’ is nine of ten an issue that has no real merit or value, and can be dismissed with truth rather quickly. Take the silly razor ad: a man has no interest in bullying. He has no interest in assault. He has no interest in demeaning those over which he has power, unless such a tactic is warranted. However, as a man (hell, as a human), if you’re not talking to me, you’re not talking to me. I am not part of a hivemind. I think and act on my own accord. I make mistakes. I ruin things. I am human. I answer for these mistakes without someone ‘calling me out’ about them. An ad by a razor company lecturing me about things that I have never done, quite literally, has no effect on me, because I have no interest in being such a loathsome human being. And if I decided to boycott this razor company, you’d never know, because I’d just do it and move on without telling anyone.

Thanks to our technology, however, we cannot shut up. The notion of a quiet but effective war is lost on American culture. The twisted ideas about individuality have been so well programmed that Americans believe that if they don’t run their social media mouths, nothing will change. If they don’t take to Twitter and Facebook then somehow nothing will change. But Twitter and Facebook both are mere ruses: the illusions of control. The Powers that be do not take our social media seriously, that is our folly. The social engineering merely counts on social media to provide the necessary data based on our outrage in order to properly program the next stage of said engineering.

To put it simply: we are being played from all angles, at all times, with every word that we cannot stop ourselves from saying each and every time something comes along that outrages us. In the modern vernacular, we are trolled at all times. And Americans continue to allow that trolling. Only narcissists troll, and the best way to strip the power from a narcissist is to simply ignore them.

With all that is within my power, I will not be socially engineered. So the ‘social justice warriors’ can kiss my ass while I ignore them. I still have to shave, and I will buy from whatever company that sells razors that I desire to, but if the social justice nitwits want to know the name of that company, they’ll have to comb my shopping data, because I will not offer them one damned clue otherwise. Let the YouTube videos commence. There’s beautiful and useful method of dealing with media bullshit: I can shut it off.


Pontypool is a city in Ontario wherein the 2009 film of the same name takes places.

The film centers around the small town morning radio show, to which recently terminated radio ‘shock jock’ Grant Mazzy has been reduced to being the morning DJ. He’s not happy, he likes to make sure the producer is unhappy along with him. For a while the film ambles around amicably, basically giving you the lay of the land, and then the moment comes when a language virus appears. It’s up to debates that I’d rather not wade into as to whether the Pontypool is a bit of very astute commentary on how what we speak determines what we are, and that we have been reprogrammed by what we hear to be told what to speak to reduce us into the insane mobs that appear often these days or whether it’s a lot of pretentious horseshit deftly woven to appear as wisdom.

It could very well be the latter but it manages to communicate the former, whether by accident or not.

The medium is the virus. That’s the reason that I chose to name this site after the film. We live in a world that assaults us every waking moment by the programming of our media. We wake up, start the coffee maker, and check some form of media. Either a TV is turned on which is showing a requisite ‘morning show’ featuring a gaggle of talking heads pre-programmed with yesterday’s topics in order to spin them into the topics for today, or we check our Facebook, or open a web-browser on a laptop and surf the news concerning whatever topic interests us.

You couldn’t force this ritual on us if you tried to do so, yet because this is how everyone else operates, we do it instinctively now. Myself, I don’t do it, but let me disabuse you of the notion that I don’t because I have a lot of discipline. I don’t do it because I’m lazy and I like to sleep right up until the moment where I bleat, ‘Oh, crap!’ and have to jump out of bed and get moving.

Back to Pontypool: in the film one knew the language virus had infected someone because they had a ‘trigger word’ they would speak repeatedly once infected. That word was the one on which the invisible entity that was driving everyone mad had latched onto for that person, and how it had infected them. Though the film was, as noted, made in 2009, the idea of a trigger word seems most appropriate today, in this insane culture we live in. Once infected, people became part of a mob of host-driven and mindless bloodlust.

If you watch the opening of the film closely, it can be argued that Grant Mazzy, DJ of the radio show in Pontypool, helped to deliver the language virus that infected the entire town (and began to subsequently infect the world, as international news organizations began carrying the story). Without the medium, the virus would have had far less chance of replicating itself and surviving. Humanity has always been crazy, but when a medium is introduced that can allow humanity to communicate instantly, as well as being instantly alerted to every event worldwide, that same humanity goes mad.


I say that all of it is connected because that’s what I think I see, but I of course could be wrong entirely. Yet I’ve found that a day to day scenario has often been this: I drive to the gas station to get a soda and put fuel in the tank. I pay, take the pump off the rack, and suddenly a small TV fires up to tell me the weather and yesterday’s events. I try to ignore it, put the pump back into place, and get in my truck and drive away. On the way to work, the local radio station tells me the same information as the gas pump. I stop at McDonald’s to get a biscuit, because I’ve got time. News is playing on on TV, a morning show on another. In both instances, people are repeating the same information that I heard on the gas pump TV, and on the radio. I try to ignore it.

I get to work, and sit down at my desk. A coworker stops by. “Did you hear about [news story].” Of course I did. I’ve been awake for two hours now. There is no escape. I open up a browser to start work and my home page shows me the same news stories and weather information as every damned thing else.

So is it connected? Or is coincidence such a stretched thing?

The medium is the virus. Every move, every gesture, every scripted line. It’s all to program us into thinking as the proverbial ‘they’ want us to think; which means, of course, that ‘they’ don’t want us to think at all. It’s almost pathetic, in a way. The whole thing is so predictable and farcical, and I think that may be what makes it all so tough to dig one’s teeth into: you’d think that we could understand what’s happening to us. You’d think that humanity, given its collective achievements, could see past the lie of it all and just shut the whole thing off.

But it’s as Agent K said in Men in Black: “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky animals and you know it.”

Do you like being ‘handled?’ Do you enjoy being manipulated each and every day by everything you hear and see? I know I sure as hell don’t. But it’s like anything else: once the obvious becomes just that, we can step back and observe with some distance. We can enjoy the forms of media we want, recognizing each moment that these things try and program us, and be inoculated from the madness.  And the recognition of the whole, insulting thing allows us to know when to shut it all off, and ignore it.

Evil is narcissistic. The best way to deal with a narcissist is to just flat-out ignore it as often as possible.